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Each Hero has specific skill sets: Leader Skill and AP skill.

When you select a hero as your team leader, his leader skill is automatically active.

Additionally, when you select a hero as your team helper, under certain conditions his leader skill is also active. The conditions are:

  • The helper must be on your friend list.
  • The helper must not have been used recently. That is, his timer has to be inactive.

Tap your Hero's icon in the Hero List to see which skill they can provide. 

Stacking Edit

When you have a leader and a helper that have similar leader skills, their skills stack - even if they are exactly the same.

So if you have for instance Elven Saria ++ both as a leader and as a helper, all your Wood heroes get x1.4 on ATK and HP twice, for a total multiplier of x1.96.

Specific Leader Skill properties Edit

The following Leader Skills have something special that is useful to know.

Impervious & Immortal {x}% of all damage inflicted by the hero is converted into HP.
Where it says the hero, it actually means any hero.

It makes this the strongest Leadership Skill.

Impervious x = 5% Orson Shards Icon Orson Shards, Leo Knight Icon Leo Knight
Immortal x = 8% Orson Shards + Icon Orson Shards +, Leo Knight + Icon Leo Knight +, Leo Knight ++ Icon Leo Knight ++
Healing Magic I-IV The team recovers HP equal to {x} times the leader's REC every turn.
Where it says the leader, it means the hero with the Healing Magic ability, but only if the hero is the team leader or the team helper.
Healing Magic III x = 2.5 times Elven Herbalist Icon Elven Herbalist, Feline Mistress Icon Feline Mistress, Shiva Icon Shiva
Healing Magic IV x = 3 times Elven Herbalist + Icon Elven Herbalist +, Feline Mistress + Icon Feline Mistress +, Shiva + Icon Shiva +

See also Edit

See the Table of Hero Leadership that lists the available leader skills.