BC01 0120 B


Name Orc Flame Wielder Rarity 4 ☆☆☆☆ Element Fire
HP (Lv 1) 397 ATK (Lv 1) 237 REC (Lv 1) 16
HP (Max lv) 1441 ATK (Max lv) 1448 REC (Max lv) 60
Max level 45 Cost 16 Class WARRIOR


Leader Skill Fury of Fire - Raises the ATK and HP of Fire heroes to 35%.
AP Skill Fully Fireproof
All Water Rune Gems and Heart Rune Gems turn into Fire Rune Gems.
Cost: 25 AP


Combo Name Crimson Cure Black Battalion
Combo Property

Element Bonus: Light

ATK Bonus: 13%

HP Bonus: 0%

REC Bonus: 5%

Element Bonus: Dark

ATK Bonus: 20%

HP Bonus: 0%

REC Bonus: 0%

Team Members Orc Flame Wielder, Gronru the Avenger, Fire Wizard, Champion of Darkness, Orc Flame Wielder


Materials Needed Keeper of the Knowledge, Essence Flametorn, Cyclonian Rebel
Evolves to Orc Flame Wielder +